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Conférence AVCA 2022 à Dakar : Le FONSIS est sponsor

Le FONSIS vous donne rendez-vous du 25 au 29 avril au Radisson Blu de Dakar pour participer à la semaine de l’AVCA. La conférence permettra aux acteurs de se pencher sur les réalisations, mais surtout les opportunités de l’investissement en capital, en Afrique.
Plus de 500 fonds gèrant un portefeuille global de 1 300 milliards de dollars sont attendus à cet événement. 

FONSIS participera activement à deux rendez-vous du Private Equity : 

Lundi 25/04, 16h30 – 17h30: Global Institutional Investor Roundtable
Ahead of the 18th Annual AVCA Conference, the Global Institutional Investor Roundtable convenes leaders from both global and local institutional investors, each at the forefront of the industry, to discuss the trends and developments shaping private capital in Africa in 2022 and beyond.

Mardi 26/04, 11h00 – 11h45: Panel 2: From Francophone Africa to the World: Regional Investment Opportunities & Trends
Home to some of the few economies in sub-Saharan Africa that maintained economic growth in 2020, Francophone Africa is has been the subject of increasing deal and fundraising activity in recent years. This panel explores the rise of Francophone Africa as an emerging investment destination of interest in Africa; the not-so-hidden gems responsible for this surge of investor interest and opportunities; and finally the strategies being implemented by local fund managers to ensure a legacy of profit with purpose in the region.