• You are an investment fund, you invest in equity

    FONSIS is a privileged partner whose mission is to promote the development of private equity in Senegal. In this context, FONSIS will bring:

    • The support you may need for your operations
    • Bankable co-investment opportunities
    • Co-investment in your projects with capital structure facilitation at entry and exit
    • Special investment vehicles targeting local private sector stakes in concession companies. Those vehicles will also fund the development of national champions in the specific sectors. 
  • You are a credit institution, you are a financial institution,  Fonsis will bring:
    • Bankable investment opportunities
    • A privileged partnership to strengthen the equity of the companies you finance
    • A privileged partnership to manage FONSIS resources. 
  • You are a development partner FONSIS is a preferred partner for projects requiring private management and equity injection.
    • Dedicated vehicles and investment funds
    • Development of strategic projects within value chains MEDIA