Presentation : this first subsidiary of FONSIS has the mission to design and manage medical infrastructure across Senegal. The pilot center of POLIMED (Poles of Medical Infrastructures) is located in Mbour. After seven (07) months of construction, POLIMED-Mbour whose cost amounts to nearly 900 million FCFA was inaugurated in December 2015.

Born from a partnership between EPS Mbour and POLIMED, this center received more than 20 thousand patients, most of whom suffer from stroke.

The goal for FONSIS today is to extend this model to other areas of the country.

Partners : EPS1 MBOUR  

Type of participation : 100% Fonsis 




Presentation : With a total cost of five (05) billion FCFA, the BIOSOY project consists in the cultivation of 1,000 ha of agricultural land for the production of organic crops for export and groundnut seeds certified for the Senegalese market. The project will initially create 200 direct jobs and facilitate the provision of biomass for livestock.

Through targeted production, the project will make a significant contribution to our GDP and thus contribute to improving the trade balance through exports.

BIOSOY is located at south of Lake GUIERS, in the town of Syer, Louga region.

Partners : Groupe AVRIL ex SOFIPROTEOL, NMA Sanders, ZALAR Senegal, ORABANK, FONGIP and Private investors

Type of participation : Majority




Presentation : Company in the FONSIS portfolio, Parenterus is a pharmaceutical industrial unit dedicated to the production of 500ml infusion bottles for the Senegalese and West Africa market at more affordable costs for the population and a positive participation in the improvement of the trade balance.

With a total cost of 6.5 billion FCFA for the production of 12 million vials of infusion solutions per year for the hospital sector, the project is located in the Diender Commune in Bayakh,

Thiès Region and will have a major impact on the local economy with the creation of 72 direct jobs from the first year of operation and tax revenues for the state and local authorities.

The laying of the foundation stone of the plant took place in June 2016 and the production started in December 2017.

Partners : CDC, a Pharmacist promoter and Private investors.

Type of participation : Significant




Présentation : This project develops a 30 MW photovoltaic plant in Santhiou Mékhé, Méouane (Thiès). The electricity produced is sold to SENELEC.

The Project is in line with the political vision of the President of the Republic as formulated in the New Energy Policy Letter "NEPL". It contributes to the achievement of several objectives of this national energy plan, also included in the Senegal Emerging Plan (PSE).

The cost of the project is about 27 billion FCFA, of which a contribution of 500 million FCFA from FONSIS and the rest being provided in the form of capital and loan by partners. SENERGY was delivered in March 2017 and began injecting electricity into the SENELEC network in July of the same year.

Partners : Meridiam, Senergy Suarl and

Type of participation : Significative

Ten Merina

Presentation : It is a solar power plant with a capacity of 30 MW that was completed in October 2017 and the connected to the SENELEC network.

The power plant is located in the commune of Mérina Dakhar (Region of Thiès). With this project, FONSIS holds interests in 2/4 of the solar power plants in operation in Senegal at the end of November 2017.

Partners : Méridiam, Eiffage et SENELEC.

Type of participation : Significant


Fonds Téranga capital


Fonds Téranga capital

Presentation : Multi-sector investment fund specifically dedicated to Senegalese SMEs with high potential, this first Senegalese venture capital fund has an initial capital of three (03) billion FCFA.

The Fund targets startups and medium companies in all value-added sectors of the economy.

Teranga Capital invests in equity and quasi-equity in small Senegalese companies, for amounts between fifty (50) and two hundred (200) million FCFA, by acquisition or subscription of simple shares or preferences, granting of Participatory and current account loans of associates. Launched in March 2016,

Teranga Capital obtained its authorization to practice under the status of Equity Investment Company (SIFP) in February 2017. It has already made its first investment of 200 million FCFA francs.

Partners : I&P, SONATEL, ASKIA Assurances and Private investors

Type of participation : Significant




Presentation : FONSIS-SAED SMEs Fund is a project developed by FONSIS in collaboration with SAED.

The aim is to create a sub-fund dedicated to investment in agricultural SMEs in the Senegal River Valley at the SAED zone.

Target companies are involved throughout the agriculture value chain:

  • production,
  • machinery and agricultural services,
  • logistics,
  • storage,
  • marketing, etc.

The total amount of the Sub-fund's seed capital investment is one billion FCFA to invest in dozens of SMEs with around 300 permanent direct jobs and 500 indirect jobs expected.

Partners : SAED

Type of participation : 100 % FONSIS

SOGENAS  recorded its first births 

Created by FONSIS, SOGENAS is an enterprise specialized in animal genetics, including high-value crossbred animals’ production and marketing. The first calves are born.


To deal with the husbandry issues due to hard climate conditions, FONSIS created SOGENAS, in partnership with the Ministry in charge of Husbandry (MEPA). This FONSIS’ subsidiary is specialized in genetically-improved cattle breeding. Hence, the main objective is to contribute to the achievement of the Plan Senegal Emergent (PSE) program, especially related to the improvement of self-sufficiency for breeding products and the development of the dairy industry.

Standing as a pioneer, SOGENAS will help to lay the foundations for renewing the husbandry sector, as well as inject a dynamism on the activity, hence creating value for farmers, by increasing their income and reducing territorial imbalances.

Thus, in 2018, 300 cows were purchased and inseminated, in order to improve their physical condition. A couple of weeks ago, the herd expanded when the first calves were born. FONSIS and SOGENAS are delighted to welcome this new generation. It’s a new milestone in Senegalese husbandry which shall be followed up closely, in partnership with MEPA.