Responsible investor, the Sovereign Fund has also published codes and policies to strengthen its governance.

The Code of Ethics, deontology, and Professional Conduct 

It is based on the fundamental values of FONSIS. It defines the ethical behavior expected from each employee, individually and collectively. It forges the culture of compliance, ethical conduct and accountability.

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ESG policy

As an investor, FONSIS has a role to preserve the sustainability of its investments, through the quality of its governance, the financing of companies, and the resulting sustainable socio-economic impact for the populations and the environment. Thus, it is important for it to ensure that issues related to the environment, social issues, human capital, gender inequalities and governance (ESG) are taken into account in carrying out the Sovereign Wealth Fund’s investments. Also, FONSIS has strengthened its approach with an ESG policy and an ESG Committee.
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Gender Policy

FONSIS, as Senegal's sovereign fund for strategic investments, has chosen to adopt a Gender Policy and to monitor the development of its actions.

The FONSIS Gender Policy is based on fundamental values and describes the behaviors expected from each employee, individually and collectively. It strengthens the Sovereign Fund's culture of respect for differences, fairness and equal opportunities.

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Child protection policy

Also, in the spirit of the United Nations International Convention on the Rights of the Child and Senegal's National Child Protection Strategy, FONSIS has included as part of its activities a Child Protection Policy. This Policy ensures that the design and implementation of its projects and programs are carried out with respect for children's rights.

Through the defined Child Protection Policy, FONSIS clarifies its requirements for the protection of children, as well as the refusal and sanction of any form of violation of the rights of the child.

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Partners Charter

It responds to a process of sharing principles related to: :
  • Deontology, good governance and ethics;
  • Promotion of the women’ economic empowerment;
  • The protection of the rights of children;
  • Respect for ESG principles (environment, social and governance).

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Sustainable Development Goals

Senegal has adhered to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which "constitute a universal call to action aimed at eradicating poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring peace and prosperity for all peoples".

These SDGs are found in the Emerging Senegal Plan, the reference for the country's economic policy, on which the FONSIS strategy is built.

The PSE is based on three axes to reach "an Emerging Senegal in 2035 with a united society in a state of law" ; the inclusive growth (Axis 1) aiming at reducing inequalities and effectively and sustainably financing human development (Axis 2) and good governance (Axis 3) programs.

FONSIS, as the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Senegal, adheres to these SDGs and deploys a strategy aimed at creating sustainable wealth for current and future generations in a vision of territorial equity.