At the heart of the FONSIS investment strategy are:

  • the search for maximum social and environmental impact
  •  encouraging the application of good governance practices. The FONSIS projects have a strong socio-economic impact on:
    •  the economy: development of import substitution projects (Parenterus), investment in projects targeting export and import substitution (Senergy, Ten Merina, Biosoy), or 92 billion CFA francs of positive impact on the balance commercial
    • the populations: 2936 direct jobs generated through these projects in addition to infrastructure development in the project implementation areas
    • the private sector: strengthening of the private sector and its access to financing: CFAF 248 billion of investments in projects carried by the private sector for the most part
    • the achievement of the PES objectives: reduction of the energy deficit and agricultural projects contributing to the goal of food self-sufficiency.
  • The FONSIS presents several perspectives:
    • fundraising: through the Green Climate Fund and the setting up of a fund for renewable energy and energy efficiency
    • project structuring: the creation of budget spaces with the MEFP
    • project: 9 projects in advanced co-development.
    • structuring of the Generational Fund for oil and gas revenues