Parenterus is getting ready to submit trials for marketing authorization

The pharmaceutical plant that was launched on January 15th 2019, is pursuing its industrial process qualification stage. Indeed, Parenterus shall submit trials to the Medicine and Pharmacy Department of the Ministry in charge of health, in order to be granted a marketing authorization. Such trials should be available by the end of October 2019.

Parenterus is a CFAF 10 billion industrial plant specializing in perfusion production and with an expected   annual production capacity of up to 12 million bottles that will be distributed across Senegal and the West African region.

Such plant is in line with the Senegalese healthcare program, which main goal is to democratize the healthcare system and to provide and expand affordable quality healthcare for every citizen. The Company shall make this product always available and affordable for all the levels of the healthcare system. Furthermore, it will help significantly to improve trade balance through cutback of imports.

Located in Diender Municipality, in the west of Senegal, Parenterus is a public-private partnership including but not limited to Caisse de Dépots et Consignations (CDC), Duopharm, entrepreneurs and private individuals.