Launched on August 2nd 2019, DB Foods is a 35% FONSIS’ subsidiary, established in the north of Senegal and produces a rice known as “Thiep bi”. It was marketed several weeks ago, with the aim to integrate quickly into the Senegalese eating habits. The sellers’ confidence in the product quality results in its distribution through supermarkets and other shops, and even very soon by one of the biggest national retailers.

As a reminder, FONSIS, Délégation à l’Entreprenariat Rapide (DER) and the promoter invested CFAF 450 million.

Since its inception, this dynamic SME has been improving many people’s lives, including local farmers’ by purchasing their harvest, and about 200 persons’ who were hired by the company.

About DB Foods

The Company produces a high-quality white rice which is sold on local market, yet dominated by imports. It promotes a business model focusing on the farmer, in a country where the agricultural sector accounts for nearly 70% percent of the workforce in rural areas. The direct engagement with rice farmers aims to provide them with a wide range of services and access to market. With the willingness demonstrated by the government to improve self-sufficiency for rice, Db Foods’ ambition is to benefit from this opportunity and to become a leader across local market and in western Africa as well.