FONSIS et Général Electric signent un protocole

FONSIS and GE signed an agreement on February 2020 during the visit of Mike Pompeo the American Secretary of State to Dakar.

Such agreement aims to set out the framework for collaboration between both parties and their respective roles and responsibilities as well, in carrying out Public and private medical facilities projects designed by FONSIS, under contract to the Ministry in charge of health. 

This agreement signed in July 2019, aims to upgrade the healthcare system through its digitalization, the rehabilitation and operationalization of several hospitals and health facilities, as well as the development of private projects in health.

 Through its subsidiary POLIMED, FONSIS is committed to the improvement of the healthcare system which is a strategic issue.


The first subsidiary of FONSIS was created with the aim to build and manage health facilities across Senegal. POLIMED began to operate on December 2015, with the inception of the pilot center located inside Mbour Hospital.  The center delivers medical imaging services through the acquisition of equipment including a CT Scanner, Doppler Ultrasound, a Conventional Radiology, a Digitalization System, a Complete Endoscopy Column for colonoscopy, hysteroscopy, colposcopy, and cystoscopy, a Mammography, a Dental panoramic, an X-Ray.

In 2019, POLIMED began the rehabilitation of Matlaboul Fawzaini Hospital of Touba, with the construction of a 5 storey building with a 132-bed capacity.  The construction of the 4th floor is in progress. The delivery of the building is scheduled for September 2020.